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Get the ultimate level of protection from fire hazards on the job.
Keep yourself safe with our flame resistant jacket.

When you work in some of the toughest environments, you need ultimate protection in FR clothing. We offer a range of flame resistant jacket for the protection against welding, molten metal, electric arc flash, utilities and oil and gas industries. The choice is yours.

Flame Resistant Jackets create a strong outer layer that keeps you and your clothes protected against heat and flame. They're made with the same soft fabric and tough construction as all those other jackets that might come your way. You might not even notice that a flame-resistant jacket is special. . .until you're in danger.

Laminated Jacket

Tarasafe Insulated FR Jackets provide a warm level of protection is one of the most popular ways to meet the standards and requirements of day-to-day operations when the weather is really cold outside. When it comes to staying warm and protecting your employee from the wet, cold wind, and ice or snow. Insulated FR Coveralls provides warmth and protection. Meets the requirements of EN ISO 343:2003 and EN 13034:2005

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