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Molten Metal Protective Clothing

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Molten metal splash is caused by accidental contact of moisture or any liquid bearing material to the hot melt deck. This produces a violent explosion and throws molten metal and high-temperature solids out of the bath, putting workers and nearby plant and equipment at risk.

The violent and unpredictable nature of a molten metal explosion makes the wearing of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) imperative, which can help prevent serious injuries and fatal burns.

  • Tarasafe offers a range of FR protective clothing for both Molten Iron and Molten Aluminium Splash protection.
  • The protection level ranges from E1 to E3 and D1 to D3.

We offer a range of fabric and garment design options for Molten Metal Splash Protection:

The risk hazards of Molten Metal, both for Iron & Aluminium splash can be assessed on the PPE as per EN ISO 11612 norm, which covers protection against accidental flame & various Heat hazards like Convective, Radiant and Contact Heat.

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