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The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E is a comprehensive standard that establishes best electrical safety practices standards on how to protect workers from electric arc flash and arc blast exposure and resulting potential injury and death.

There are 4 Arc Hazard Risk Categories under NFPA 70E defined by the ATPV ratings:

Most people working with electricity only require clothing that meets category 1 (ATPV 4 cal/cm²) or 2 (ATPV 8 cal/cm²) protection characteristics.

NFPA 70E electrical safety standards are aimed more towards those workers who work in category 3 (ATPV 25 cal/cm²) or 4 (ATPV 40 cal/cm²) hazard situations. Their clothing must meet ATPV rating minimums throughout the life of the garment.

Hazard Risk categories ATPV (cal/cm²)
HRC 1 ≥4
HRC 2 ≥8
HRC 3 ≥25
HRC 4 ≥40

We offer a range of fabric and garment design options that are tested to meet the NFPA 70E requirements for protection against Electric Arc Flash:

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