Multi Norm Protective
FR Clothing

The Hazard

The very first step of selecting correct Protective Clothing is correct hazard assessment. For some straightforward applications, risk assessment is easy and FR Clothing compliant to 1 or 2 norms is enough. Various work environments having thermal hazards such as arc flash or flash fire, may also have a risk of chemical splash and may also need high visibility FR Clothing.

This combination of hazards could be a challenge in selecting the right PPE. Thanks to the technical advancements in multi-hazard protection, FR Coveralls, FR Jackets and Trousers that provide Multi-norm protection are now widely available. These Multi-Norm FR garments combine Flame Resistant or Arc Flash properties with protection from a wide range of other hazards including but not limited to Chemical Splash, High Visibility, Foul Weather, etc.

Tarasafe offers a range of Multi-norm protective clothing with a variety of combinations suited for different end uses. Apart from meeting the requirements of relevant industry standards, they are designed to be extremely comfortable encouraging the wearer to wear them regularly, thereby ensuring compliance and safety.

Suggested Norms

EN ISO 20471

High Visibility Warning

EN 13034

Protection against Liquid Chemicals


Electrical Safety - American Standard

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