EN ISO 11611:2007

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Protection against welding and allied processes

Protective clothing certified according to EN ISO 11611 gives the wearer protection against small splashes of molten metal, brief contact with flame & radiant heat. The garments certified to this standard are suitable for use in welding and allied processes.

The garment is classified for the protection ability against different levels of welding technology, which cause more or less spatter and radiant heat :

  • Class I - Protects against less hazardous welding techniques and situations, causing lower spatter and radiant heat. Tested with 15 molten metal drops.
  • Class II - Protects against riskier welding techniques and situations, which causes higher levels of spatter and radiant heat. Tested with 25 molten metal drops.
  • The protection level covers both Class I and Class II.

Also procedure A1 / A2 must be tested for ISO 15025 for flame spread.

We offer a range of fabric and garment design options that are tested to meet EN ISO 11611 requirements for use in welding and allied processes:

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