EN 61482-1-2:2007

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This standard specifies methods to test material and garments intended for use in Heat and Flame resistant clothing for workers exposed to electric arcs.

Protection Class 1 and protection Class 2 are safety requirements covering actual risk potentials due to electric fault arcs.

This standard specifies tests with which it is possible to evaluate materials and protective clothing based on the use of a directed and constrained electric arc under defined laboratory conditions - this is called the Box-test.

For the tests a low voltage procedure is used. The tests can optionally be carried out in two fixed test classes, selected by the amount of prospective short circuit current :

Class Arc [kA] Time [ms]
1 4* 500
2 7 500

The garments must be used to cover the whole body, e.g. jacket and trousers, to attain the correct level of protection.

The clothing falling under the EN 61482-1-2 is further classified as a Category III product.

We offer a range of fabric and garment design options that are tested to meet EN 61482-1-2 requirements for Protection against Thermal Hazards of Electric Arc:

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