z EN 13034:2005 Certified FR Clothing : Protection against Liquid Chemical Splash

EN 13034:2005

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EN 13034 covers the lowest level of chemical protection intended to protect from a potential exposure to small quantities of spray or accidental low volume splashes of less hazardous chemicals.

The garments are classified under the following categories :

  • Type 6 suits protect at least the trunk and limbs i.e. in the case of one-piece coveralls or two piece suits
  • Partial body protection Type PB[6] cover and protect only specific parts of the body such as in the case of jackets, aprons, etc.

The effect of the following chemicals are tested on the clothing material under this standard :

Chemical Concentration weight % Temperature of 
chemical ºC(± 2 ºC)
H2SO4 30 (aqueous) 20
NaOH 10 (aqueous) 20
o-Xylene Undiluted 20
Butan-1-ol Undiluted 20

The criteria for the classification of clothing under different categories is done as per the performance levels :

Class Repellency % Penetration %
3 >95% <1%
2 >90% <5%
1 >80% <10%

We offer a range of fabric and garment design options that are tested to meet EN 13034 requirements for Protection against Liquid Chemicals:

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