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Keeps you safe & cool even as it gets Hot.

TaraComfort™ FR Cotton is TaraSafe’s uncompromising commitment to wearer safety. It offers superior comfort and greater protective solutions.

The TaraComfort™ textile engineering process imparts durable flame resistant properties to cotton and cotton rich fabrics.

When flame comes into contact with TaraComfort™ FR cotton a char is formed, there is no melting, dripping, smouldering or after glow.

The latest TaraComfort™ range brings clothing suitable for the Arc Flash & Flash Fire protection.

Industrial Laundry compatible: TaraComfort™ range also offers fabric that meets the requirements of EN ISO 11612 after 50 industrial laundry at 75° C

We offer a range of garment design options in our TaraComfort™ Range:

  • Durable FR finish
  • Excellent air permeability & moisture transmission
  • Cotton is bio-degradeable and can be recycled
  • Thermodynamics – Cool in summer & warm in winter
  • Non-allergic & harmless to human skin
  • Environmentally secure manufacturing process

Recommended for: Oil, Metallurgical, Chemical & Welding Industries, Electrical Installations and Fire Fighting.

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